Behind the Meemehed are three young people from Nõo Real Gymnasium,

 who decided to make a student company. The idea started in the summer of 2020. Originally, we planned to open mobile cocktail booth (moctile - non-alcoholic cocktail) - we gave up due to the pandemic. We searched for ideas again and we came back to the idea three years ago, when two members of the current company made a mini-company in the eighth grade and produced different honey butters. We felt that the venture was incomplete, as if goal had not been achieved, so we decided to bring the idea back to life. We took a critical look at the old idea and started brainstorming, deciding to exclude butter to make the product shelf life longer. Secondly, we selected berry flours that give a stronger taste. Then we researched what would be the innovation that other similar products do not have. When testing the products, we wrote down all the recipes on paper and assessed the taste, consistency and appearance of the finished mixture. The manufactured products were tested by our family members and friends, and we also tried to understand which products the customer would buy. The testing lasted for weeks, we analyzed the received feedback and selected the best tasting flavored honeys. During product testing, we discovered that from a chocolate flavored honey and hot milk, there is a way to make a hot chocolate drink - honey butter became a flavored honey with various uses.

 This is the story of our name - when registering in the mentoring club of the Youth Entrepreneurship Laboratory, we had to write down the name of the student company, but we didn't have that yet. We wrote down the first word that came to mind - "Meemehed", which in English means „honeymen“. As we started to like this name more and more, we checked the availability of the name from the commercial register and found out that the name is free and the name of our company remained as „Meemehed“.

Our team:

Morris Tann - Chief executive officer (CEO)

Rasmus Susi - Marketing Manager

Helmo Oja - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • First place in Valga County Entrepreneurship Competition "Nupp Nokib"
  • Junior Achievement Estonia virtualfair title "Rahva lemmik" ("People's favorite")

  • Entrepreneurship competition "Välk" among the first three (competition is still ongoing)