The main component of the products is honey from Valga County. The products are divided into three groups based on uses and components.

   When we add dark chocolate and the corresponding ingredients to honey, we get chocolate-flavored honey, which belongs to the first group of our products. For example they are suitable as a grease to warm pancakes or toasts. They can also be used to make innovative, delicious and healthy hot chocolate.

Chocolate based flavors:

 The second product group is tea-related flavored honey. To make tea, you need to dissolve honey in hot water. Two of them, strawberry-cranberry flavored honey and buckthorn flavored honey, are intended to be mixed into the tea to add a pleasantly sweet berry flavor to the tea. These flavored honey´s are made from berry flour and honey. This group also includes spearmint flavored honey, which is intended for making classic spearmint tea. It consists of honey and self-dried and ground spearmint. Like chocolate flavors, all of the aforementioned flavors are compatible with hot pancakes or toast.

Tea-related flavored honey:

 There is currently only one spicy product in the third group, but we plan to do product development and supplement this group. The spicy flavor is the herb-pepper flavor honey, which makes the life of those who are interested in cooking easier and more interesting. It consists of a honey and various herbs and is intended for marinating and cooking oven meat. If you usually had to add all the ingredients separately when marinating or seasoning the meat, then now you can only add herb-pepper flavor honey, which already has herbs and salt inside. Honey binds all these components together and helps them to penetrate the meat. In addition, honey also gives the meat a pleasant sweet-spicy taste. All a meat lover has to do to season the meat is to apply the flavor honey to the meat.

Spicy flavors: